Welcome to Lancerlot Sports Complex

LancerLot was a dream in the mind of Henry J. Brabham, IV. He wanted to build the best Sports Facility in the region. This dream became reality in 1985 when the doors opened for operation. All were impressed by what Henry had accomplished. 

Not only had he built the best Sports Facility in the region, he also exhorted the Vinton Community to a new standard of living. We here at LancerLot want to continue with Henry's dream by striving to be the best we can be!

Deep Water H2O

Deep water is a cardiovascular exercise done in water deep enough so your feet...
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Kettlebell AMPD

This class is a 60 minute class to heart pumping music which is a...
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A fitness routine that combines Pilates exercise with the postures and breathing techniques of...
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Yoga Fusion

Gentle Body Power is a mind-body exercise program set in a relaxing environment. The only requirement is to be able to get up and down from the floor easily. Works all muscle groups and helps produce lean, toned muscles. This class consists of deep stretching, balancing, stability and flexibility. Good cross training for runners, cyclists, and other athletes as well as an excellent multi-level for all age groups.

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Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday 5:30am - 10pm

Saturday 8am - 7pm

Sunday 8am - 6pm

Hours may vary for Holidays and Inclement Weather